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I would highly recommend Dr. Baron and his staff. They are very thorough and respectful of my time. I have been going there for years and always feel confident in their ability to provide great eye care.
Brian D    -    October 2016

I have gone to Dr. Baron for many years. Recently, I went in because of an eye injury. I was mowing the lawn and something flew in my eye. Dr. Baron numbed my eye with drops so I wouldn't feel him using a sharp object on my eye. The object was stuck IN my cornea. I didn't feel a thing...he was very gentle! I had immediate relief. His staff is always very friendly and professional. I will be a patient of his for a very long time.
Angie F    -    November 2014

Doctor Comments
Thank you Angie. I really appreciate your kind comments :-)

EVERYONE in dr. barons office is extremely friendly. when my questions were asked, they were always answered. they all take time with you during testing/exams so they get it done correctly.im very pleased with my service there.
amy g    -    December 2013

I have been a pt. of Dr. Baron's for many years. I am always impressed with the latest technology he provides, as well as his professionalism. The office staff is top notch, never failing to go the extra mile. The girls are so friendly and concerned about getting me in and out on time. Because I have recently had a change in insurance, Dr. scheduled me in on two separate days so I would have complete coverage. Baron Vision Center shows "Giant" concern for "Little Town" people.
Suzy    -    December 2013

Lindsey was very professional and nice like always. Enjoy the smiling faces and Dr. Baron was very insightful for a possible procedure i may do in 2014. Thanks for all of your work!
Brad W    -    December 2013

I have been jumping from eye doctor to eye doctor with little success with matching my prescription. My first visit at Baron Vision was a success. My new contacts were a great fit for me and the people were extremely friendly throughout the process. I'm my most recent visit there was a change in music which was a huge step up from the elevator music! I've never had a problem with Baron Vision Center and will be with them for years to come.
Grant B    -    December 2013

I really like how friendly the staff is, and how they interact with my children. They are such nice people and we always enjoy coming back for our visit.
Nydia C    -    December 2013

I took my children to Dr. Baron for their annual eye exams. He was very good with them and the staff were all very professional and friendly.
Shannon G    -    December 2013

I went to Dr. Baron for an eye exam after having some issues with migraines/blurred vision. Everyone was very friendly in the office. The office is very nice and clean. Everyone takes the time to explain things and make sure that you understand how your eye health is.
Elizabeth E    -    December 2013

I was fortunate to make the right bid at a silent auction for PRANAYOGA (in Fort Wayne)in order to be introduced to Baron Vision Center. I had been trying for years to find the right fit for my vision using contacts. Different doctors, different locations every year, different opinions, mono vision vs bifocal contacts, weighted contacts, gas perm vs soft, reading glasses with contacts, and much more! I couldn't see far and I couldn't see to read...so I went to Decatur. My eyesight was a "challenge" for Dr. Baron, but he said he always "liked a challenge" so I provided the challenge! The fit went all too smooth. The office, the staff, the atmosphere made me feel like a queen for the day. Dr. Baron made a concentrated effort that I could see right for distance and to read. He used a calm consistence and constant little tweaks to provide me what I never dreamed possible. I can read and see far!
Judie P    -    December 2013

I recently visited Dr. Barron’s office for the first time for an eye examination. The office looked nice and well maintained. I found the staff to be professional, easy to work with, and felt no pressure to purchase additional amenities during or following my check up. His staff worked diligently to make me comfortable, whether it was keeping equipment sanitized or giving me a straightforward price for lenses. Overall, it was great experience and I left as a satisfied customer.
Dan H    -    November 2013

Everyone at Dr. Baron's office is professional and very good. They are all so friendly and explain things so that I know what is being done!!
Debra S    -    November 2013

I had something in my eye and was able to get a very quick appointment. It was removed painlessly by Dr. Baron. While there, they also discovered that the pressure in one of my eyes was elevated and further testing was scheduled. I am very thankful that I chose this office.
Susan W    -    November 2013

My experience at Dr.Baron's was wonderful. I lost my eye sight in one of my eyes and needed an eye Dr.asap.Donna was very good in getting me in immediately to see Dr. Baron. He was very concerned and understanding.The staff were friendly and explained my exam very well. Dr. Bron was very professional and thorough in his evaluation of my problem.Dr.Baron after his examination ordered an immediate MRI.He then diagnosed my problem and referred me to the appropriate specialist asap. Karen was very efficient in processing my insurance pre-certification. Dr.Baron and his staff were very professional, friendly and concerned. Thank you each and everyone.I can never thank you enough. Sue
Sue    -    November 2013

I have been coming to see Dr. Baron since I was a little kid. He is always wonderful and so is his staff. I have a lot of problems with my eyes and have had to have several surgeries but I can see perfectly that Dr. B's is the best eye care center around!
Jami C    -    November 2013

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